Training & clinical supervision

The team has extensive experience in clinical, educational and academic research supervision making the on- going support of your project or evaluative work streamlined and seamless.

The team is focused on helping to train and novice therapists develop their knowledge and skills in CBT to be effective practitioners at the end of the training. Additionally, we aim to help trainees to develop their confidence in working therapeutically with their clients/ patients, plan, implement the psychological interventions and evaluate the outcomes. In addition to developing clinical skills, we are able to offer academic research supervision for those intending and undertaking research projects. Our team speacialise in qualitative research and have undertaken a number of studies which have been published. The list our publications can be found in the resource section under publications.

We can also help individuals develop skills in preparing and presenting presentations at meetings and conferences.

Additional to CBT specific training we provide CBT both for individual and group based clinical supervision for trained therapist. All our supervisors are BABCP accredited. The BABCP ‘s standards of conduct, performance and ethics requires each CBT therapist to have a minimum of 90 minutes of clinical supervision each month. The clinical supervision provided in accordance with the BABCP’s standards of conduct, performance and ethics. Supervision is structured and there is a requirement for supervisee to have life supervision in the form of either audio and video recordings and a selection of sessions to be assessed using a validated competency rating scale such as CTS-R.

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