Satwant is personally very nice and professionally very effective in the way he conducts his CBT sessions. Consistent counters of "why" to my answers successfully digs to the root cause to my negative methods of thinking. This method brings light and solutions on how to handle my anxiety and confidence troubles. I was supplied a flow of my thinking process which resonated and allowed me to add in circuit breakers into this thinking process which then allowed me to rationalise. I am very happy with the sessions i have completed with Satwant and would recommend his services to anyone

Patient AS

I was just thinking of you today and once again realized what a massively positive change you've made to my life. You know, I've just scrolled down all the notes I've taken on my phone during our sessions, and remembered my condition last year. How I feel now doesn't even come close - anxieties are gone and I feel in much better control. Thank you so so very much, I can't express how grateful I am to you. To me you're like a miracle worker! there is still so much I want to work on and improve...and I really look forward to our next meeting! 

Patient E

The Therapy I had from Judith helped me to change my life and do things I didn't think were possible, 

Patient C

I always feel at ease when I see Dr Padayatchi she is an excellent doctor

Patient Y

Dr Padayatchi has been great to me over the time I have seen her

Patient X

I had commissioned and how knowledgeable, approachable and person-centred the trainer was and how I had learned quite a lot by just observing the first hour.

Patient M